cK | cLaN

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


We are looking for new cK clan members we have about five and we are looking for two more so if you think
your good enouch to tryout then IM me at savirwerdna or email me at Please dont
tell us you want to tryout if your a newb dont waste are time we will just kick and ban you from all cK
servers. If you do make cK cLaN and you want admin then talk to me co-leader errOr or clan leader KrAnK
we will tell you how you could get admin to are servers. You probably would have to pay 5 bucks a month but i think its worth it.


Hello and welcome to cK clan server we are a new clan to counter-strike. We are holding tryouts in

are tryout server ip is We have four people in are clan right now and we are looking for

about seven max we dont want that much people in it so if you would like to tryout for cK clan you could join

the server and ask for a tryout or you could IM me at savirwerdna.